More evidence of job shortages in manufacturing

Three weeks ago, a Detroit TV station reported that manufacturers are facing job shortages and today CNN Money says that the shortage in the manufacturing is so severe that factories are going abroad to import workers.

“U.S. manufacturers, frustrated by a shortage of skilled American factory workers, are going abroad to find them. Business for factories has surged recently, creating a huge demand for machinists, tool and die makers, computer-controlled machine programmers and operators,” writes CNN.

One presumes that this situation is pervasive across the industrial belt from Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Labor import follows H-1B visa program which is approved by the State Department and can be cumbersome and manufacturers acknowledge this.

“H-1B is never going to be the answer to the skills shortage in production jobs in manufacturing,” says Gardner Carrick, senior director with the Manufacturing Institute.

Labor Department is trying to discourage manufacturers from using H-1B visas and have issued a token grant of $2.2 million.